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 Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2016 

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Projected Impacts of a 1- Meter Sea Level Rise on the Coastal Zone of Bangladesh in Relation to Proposed Adaptation Methodologies
Scott Albert C Roker
United Nations Environment Program
Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development
Tongji University, China
Fang Ping
Associate Professor of United Nations Environment Program
Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development 
Tongji University, China
Impact of School Principal Leadership
Jeevan Khanal
Ph.D. Scholar
Chonbuk Natioanl University, South Korea
Sae-Hoon Park, PhD & Professor
Department of Education
Chonbuk National University, South Korea
Extension of Treatment Risk Relating Effectiveness and Conclusive Reflection on Long-Term Retention of Its Various Application
Zhezhong Tang
Ph.D. & Professor
Essential Learning Skills in Second Language Acquisition and Constructing a Theoretical Framework for Pragmatic Linguistics
Sandra Blattner
Ph.D. & Professor of Linguistics


Investigation on the Wildlife Environment Damage and Protection in Regarding to Government Management and Corresponding Reaction
Adam Sparks
Alicia Levy
Ph.D. & Lecturer
Constructive Review of Machine Dynamics, Human Control and Mutual Relationships from Evolutional Perspective
Earl Hauser
Ph.D. & Lecturer
Sustainable Perspective on Energy and Resource Crisis in Facing Post-industrialized Deployment of  Modern Society
Brad Osman
Shray Michaud
Neo-cognitive Implications on Rediscovering Potentials and Obstacles in the Construction of Neo-mechanical Engineering System
Diaa Fung
Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
The Design of Natural Resource Reservation Model Through the Lens of Sustainable Development and Deconstructive Strategy
Michael Osman
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