If you have further questions, please send email to


We will try to answer your questions ASAP. 


How long does it take for me to receive response from JAAR?


Response will be received in 5 to 14 days upon your submission to editor-in-chief@american-journals.com


Could I submit the same article to both JAAR and other journals?


You are not allowed to submit your article to other journals or publishing agencies once you submitted your article to JAAR.


Will I receive a formal notice if my article has been acceptd by JAAR?


Yes, we will send you a formal acceptance Email if your article has beeen accepted by JAAR.


Do I need to make changes according to reviewers' suggestions after my submission?


Yes, if you receive email with reviewers' comments and suggestion for revision, you need to make suggested changes. However, you don't need to make revisions if you are not required to do so. 


How to Calculate Impact Factor of A Scientific Journal?


Methods of Calculating Impact Factor (IP) and An Example. 


What scientific database has Journal of American Academic Research (JAAR) indexed with?


 It has been indexed with Scientific Indexing ServicesResearch Bib, Publons, OCLC or World Cat, the world's largest library catalog.


How to become a JAAR editorial review board member?


1. Send current C. V. to editor-in-chief@american-journals.com and wait for instructions

2. Follow JAAR LinkedIn at:



3.   Follow JAAR group at LinkedIn:



4. Follow American Applied Linguistics group:




If you are already a JAAR editorial review board member, how could you add JAAR to your work experiences at LinkedIn:

1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile Page (the page with your photo).

2. Scroll down to the Experience section and click the "+" icon to add new work experience.

3. Input "editorial review board member" as your job title.

4. Input Journal of American Academic Research as name of Company.

5. Select the Journal of American Academic Research from the dropdown menu that appears.


If you are already a JAAR editorial review board member, and you want to make changes to your current academic profile as a board member, how should you do?

1. The only time to update academic profile for JAAR editorial review board member is August 1st to August 31st each academic year. Please send an email to editor-in-chief@american-journals.com in advance and they will make changes for you during that period in each academic year. 

2. However, if you want to make immediate changes of your academic profile, you need to pay an expedited profile updating service fee of $50 at:



Could I submit an article by using non-English language?

Yes, you can submit an article by using non-English language since JAAR is allowed to publish one or more articles in other languages in each issue. 

However, your article title, author profile and article abstract must be written in English to meet indexing need. 


Could I fill in forms online?

Yes, once receive our email to you, you can follow our email's instruction and fill in author academic profile form, editorial review board member form, international mailing form, special award form and registered area representative form online. 

** Please fill in any forms upon receiving our email instrucitons. 
** Please don't fill in any forms without our persmision or without our email to you with instruciton.