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American Journals Publishing Center (AJPC)

Located in the heart of the most beautiful and dynamic city, San Francisco, American Journals (AJ) is a collection of interdisciplinary peer-reviewed quarterly journals, published every three months. AJ publishes empirical research of various disciplines including Higher Education, Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Applied Linguistics, Health Science, Medical Science, Engineering Science, Mathematics, Chemical Sciences, Law & Practices, Philosophy, Economics & Finance, Religious Studies, Agriculture and Human Resource Management, etc. AJ emphasizes new research, development and their applications in diverse disciplines. Headquartered in the United States, the American Journals Publishing Center (AJPC) also has branches in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and China, etc.  AJPC is dedicated to publishing research and investigation with a focus on elevating original ideas and encouraging insightful perspectives.

2023 Journals

2021 Journals

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