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Impact of School Principal Leadership
Jeevan Khanal, Ph.D. Scholar
Chonbuk Nationall University, South Korea
Sae-Hoon Park, Ph.D. & Professor
Department of Education,
Chonbuk National University, South Korea

There is nothing new or especially controversial about effective school principal leadership makes a different in improving school climate. Recent research by the researchers from the field of educational administration, leadership, policy and planning has brought into focus the priorities of effective principal and the measured impact of principal leadership on student learning. But still much is left to be known regarding the impact of school principals’ leadership on school improvement. A purpose of this articles review is to identify the role and consequence of school principal leadership for overall development of school. This article reviews recent articles in school leadership that support the arguments school principals matter to successful school and innovation, student achievement, teacher motivation and instructional excellence. The cumulative message given by the review of articles published from 2010 to 2015 is that (a) more democratic transformational leadership, distributed leadership, transactional approaches and instructional leadership is increasingly seen as a feature of effective leadership for organizational change(b) Principal leadership behaviors and his/ her effectiveness potentially impact both teachers and students achievement.(c) the principal can influence on the students behavior, teachers motivation, productivity and effectiveness of their school. (d) responsible and effective principals create a warm and nurturing environment for teachers, parents and students and work together with them for improvement. (e) the professional development programs are beneficial for school principal and should focused on practical approach. A limitation of this study is that the almost all research articles represents data predominantly from developed country especially USA restricting a global applicability of results.

Keywords: principal, leadership, instructional leadership, transformational leadership, distributed, leadership, student achievement, organizational change

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