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 Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2016

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An Evaluation of Preparatory Year Program at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia: Possible Innovations and Reforms in the Existing Administrative/Academic System in English Language Unit
Muhammad Sabboor Hussain, Ph.D.
Head, English Language Research Team,
Preparatory Year Program, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Khaled Basher Albasher, Ph.D.
Dean, Deanship of Educational Services, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Abdus Salam
Lecturer in English/Member, English Language Research Team
PYP, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Postcolonial Reconstruction of Political Bias in a Passage to India
Syed Afroz Ashrafi
Ph.D. & Assistant Professor in English
Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tentative Understanding of PPD Treatment Effectiveness and Reflective Assumption of Pre-LPD Application
Adam Kingston, Ph.D. & Professor




Developing Essential Practical Skills in Facilitating Second Language Acquisition Within Theoretical Framework of Pragmatic Linguistics
David, Mann, Ph.D. & Professor of English
Reconstructing Disordered Perspective on Environmental Protection and Illegal Practice of Wild Life Treatment--A Reflective Perspective
Linda Sears, Ph.D. & Lecturer
Lewis Ronel, Ph.D.
Tentative Methods for Achieving Harmonious Combination of Automatic Machine Processing and Manually-operated Machine Practice
Janet Butler, Ph.D. & Lecturer
Dennis Rogers, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
Strategic Deployment of Environmental Improvement and Protection in Viewing of Current Situation of Deteriorating Environment
Xiangdong Liu, Ph.D.
Zhongxing Zheng, Ph.D.
Hunan Normal University, China
Recapturing the Conceptual Essence of Neo-bioengineering under Theoretical Framework of Cultural Globalization
Chris Smith, Ph.D. & Professor
The Development of Intercultural Competence in University Teaching Faculty in Dubai: A Transmission or Experiential Model
P.J. Moore-Jones, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of English Composition
George Mason University, USA
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