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 Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2019

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What are Responsible Educator’s Roles in Task-based Interaction*
Jaquet Lyttle, Ph. D. & Associate Professor 
Monash University, Australia

Teaching is an activity that is embedded within a set of culturally bound assumptions about teachers, teaching and learners. 

These assumptions reflect what the teacher’s responsibility is believed to be, how learning is understood, and how students are expected to interact in the classroom. In some cultures, teaching is viewed as a teacher -controlled and directed process. However, task -based 

learning teaches the students the technique of autonomous learning. In the activities, the teacher should promote the students’ 

communication procedure; in the meanwhile, the teacher is not only the participant in the classroom interaction, but also the 

omniscient mediator. Teachers also have many other roles in task -based interaction as the following: Planner, Manager, Quality controller, Group organizer, Facilitator, Motivator, Empower, Team member and Co-operator...

Comparative Debate On Vygotsky and the Vygotskyan *
Tianhua Guan, Ph. D. 
Anhui Normal University, USA

Vygotsky was one of the forerunner who critically responded to Piaget’s rudimental cognitive development perspective. He 

argues that a child’s intellectual development cannot be considered in a social vacuum. Cognitive development takes place as a result 

of mutual interaction between the child and those people with whom he has regular social contact. Vygotsky put his energies into 

analyzing the overall process of education rather than concentrating on empirical studies. Unlike Piaget, he did not himself manage to follow up the empirical implications of his own ideas. Instead he attempted to synthesize all the factors affecting the transmission of 

knowledge. Yet despite this very theoretical approach, his work has great influence on educational practitioners...

Tentative Understanding of PPD Treatment Effectiveness and Reflective Assumption of Pre-LPD Application*
Adam Kingston, Ph.D. & Professor
University of Salzburg, Austria

The effectiveness of the PPD treatment plan in the traditional concept only exists in the experimental results and psychological predictions of the experimenter. This research attempts to understand the results of the updated PPD vs. Pre-LPD treatment and tryies to draw a dynamic and reflective hypothesis, which is contrary to the traditional experimental results. The author uses counter-intuitive examples and reverse illustration to carry out the reliability, feasibility and effectiveness of the research. The research results have attracted great attention all over the world in academic field. 

Contributing Factors in Determining Balance Between Job Opportunities, Job Employment and Job Satisfaction in European Countries *
Craig Henderson , Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
University of Houston, USA

Nowadays, due to the harsh competition in job market, job opportunities declines year by year. Even if people were employed, the benefits for job and the satisfaction in job decrease. How to balance between Job opportunities, job employment and job satisfaction in European countries remains critical changes to be reasonably resolved. This research aims to discover contributing factors in determining balance between job opportunities, job employment and job satisfaction in European countries and the implication was also disclosed at the end of the article. 

The Critical Perspectives in Efficiently Managing and Evaluating Corporate Employee Conducts, Operation Risks and Policy Optimization with the Help of Practical Real-world Examples, Empirical Research Result and Employees' Cooperation *
Vincent Griffin, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor 
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

In recent years, research on assessing employee behavior, operational risk, and policy optimization has gradually increased. But how to use the practical real-world examples, the experience of research results and the cooperation of employees, as three effective means, effectively manage and evaluate the risk of employee behavior, operation and policy optimization is comparatively rare. This research article combines real-life examples and empirical survey methods to achieve optimal management and evaluation on the corporate employee behavior, operational risk and policy optimization so that the company's employees' work capacity improves, behavior standardized, and product quality promoted.  This research will serve as an inspirational guide for the future development and prosperity of modern enterprises.

Practice Guideline of Patient Treatment under Protection of Scientific Interventions
---A Tentative Assumption of Medical Research*
Ali Flores, Ph.D. & Lecturer
Future University in Egypt, Egypt    
Raymond Nelson, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
Adelphi University, USA

Recent years of research in patient intervention treatment has made great breakthrough and the study in this field also shifted from theoretical hypothesis to practical treatment process. This specific study will introduce the practical guideline of patient treatment process and result under the protection of scientific intervention to ensure the safety and security of the progress of the practice. With examples, research survey, the author also revealed the possible direction of future medical research and the research findings and implications were also discussed.

The Scientific Evidence of Learning Effects Approval for Science Major Students with the Help of Instruction of Up-to-date New Technology in University Classroom *
Zoila Campbell, Ph.D. & Director
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Johnsie Garcia, Ph.D. Scholar
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

The development of modern science and technology has promoted the development of education, to a large extent. University education has no longer stayed in the traditional education model of the past. The researcher employed the advantages of the modern education model to establish an experimental model for training the professional skills of university students. Under the guidance of modern science and technology, the professional skills of university students have changed a lot, their self-awareness has also been greatly improved, and the learning effect has been greatly advanced. The results of this research will definitely be widely used in future university professional skills training and improvement of students' practical skills. The author of this article also hopes that this research will give the teaching staff some inspiration and thus improve their future teaching result.

 The Potential Charm of Modern Virtual World Science Technology Learning Theory System and the Comprehensive Utility of Learner Learning, Behavior, Cognitive Health, and Cognitive Transformation*
Harold Powell, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
Southern Methodist University, USA
Shaurya Mitra, Ph.D.
National Institute of Technology, India
Ethan Ramirez, Ph.D. & Director
Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom


In recent years, the potential charm of science and technology education in the modern virtual world has been studied many times in various depths, and at the same time, it has made a lot of progress and development. But combined with virtual space technology theory and scholars, useful sexual behavior A comprehensive and multi-step study of cognitive health and cognitive transformation models has never been done. This study first defines scholars' learning, usefulness cognition, behavioral cognitive health and cognitive transformation, and the theoretical framework of virtual space education. Furthermore, the researchers proposed that virtual space education has a very deep and important significance for scholars to recognize ulterior cognitive, behavioral health and cognitive change. In addition, the researchers used statistical analysis methods to collect learning materials of nearly 100 learners. And after using the virtual space education framework, learners conduct research analysis and argumentation on the aspects of cognitive behavior, educational mental health, cognitive deep change and learning ability improvement and meaningful improvement. And profound experience and results. Many of the results of this study have been Many universities have adopted and achieved very significant results.

The Systematic Comparison Between Relevant Time Zone Theory and Time Space Constant Law to Further Explore How to Maintain the Unchanging Nature of Time-Space Transformation Under the Cognitive Perspective of Inertial System Support Theorem *
Bill Martinez, Gonzalez, Ph.D. Scholar
Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria

Countless research have demonstrated that if keeping time space constant law in vacuum, the time space transformation would be constant and rules-governed. This particular research focuses on the systematic comparison between Relevant Time Zone Theory and Time Space Constant Law to further explore how to maintain the unchanging nature of Time-Space Transformation Under the cognitive perspective of Inertial System Support Theorem. The research result ushered new perspectives on logic and philosophy of science with relatively stress on cognitive aspect of physics education. Finally, the author also revealed the implications of the research and put forward future expectations on research in this field. 

Achieving Dialectical Balance under the Framework of Cognitive Process of Assimilation and Accommodation*
Mark Jones, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
University of Denver, USA

Cognitive development consists of active assimilation, active accommodation and equilibration. The theory has extraordinarily surpassed traditional behaviorism and logical positivism and laid foundation for the constructivist perspectives of people’s active role in constructing their personal knowledge and developing their cognitive ability. The article tentatively analyzed the dynamic relationship between assimilation and accommodation and initiated how to achieve dialectical balance within the cognitive framework of cognitive development...

How to Integrate Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment to Facilitate Special Education *
Kathy Freeman, Ph. D. & Assistant Professor
University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Feuerstein’s general teaching technique is called instrumental enrichment, which was frequently abbreviated to IE. The theory was based on an interactionist theory of learning between the teacher and the learners. The ideal setting under IE is defined as the following: the size of the class is ideally in single figures; IE involves a program of mental activities, with an emphasis on the nonverbal, such as patterns of shapes; In reality, however, it also includes language, numbers and pictures. There are fifteen separate sequenced sets of tasks; each one is claimed to develop a particular mental skill. In the classroom setting, there usually involves comparison, classification, sequencing and understanding relationships in space and time. When used in special education, Feuerstein tries to avoid content that is associated by special learners with previous failure...

Principle for Becoming Enlightening Educators Within The Scope of Academic Practitioners *
Matthew Ruggier, Ph.D. & Associate Professor 
Cape Breton University, Canada

There is no standard stereotype for being an excellent teacher because every teacher is unique in his or her way of imparting knowledge to learners, of guiding learners to learn how to learn. Education aims at educating whole person and training the versatility and creativity of learners. Teaching is not a process of imparting certain part of knowledge rather the cultivation of developing strategies to solve problems effectively, to view the world with unique perspective and to construct one’s own knowledge of the world...

Paradoxical Perspectives on the Stages of Cognitive Development* 
Lori Smith, Ph. D. Professor
Machakos University, Kenya    
Gaber Hernandez , Ph. D. & Associate Professor
Machakos University, Kenya

From a critical point of view, this article presented Piaget’s four developmental stages and provided paradoxical perspectives on the procedures of cognitive development. One convincing perspectives presented focused on how the four stages such as sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages transit from one stage to another. Another perspective stated that the theory was not very convincing because it lacks a basis, which can join the theoretical basis (formal operational stage) and the practical experiment (concrete operational stage) into an organic unit...

Within China’s Scope: The Comparative Research Relating Professional Practices of Radical Medical Rescuing*
Rober Gerving, Ph.D.
Osun State University, Nigeria

In the history of medical practices, the medical instructors were always recognized as unique personnel whose knowledge, 

experiences and professional levels were believed to be critical importance for the overall development of medical institutions. Though a lot of empirical investigation were conducted to identify the double perspectives on the view of identifying medical instructors as 

both trainer and researcher, it is still worthwhile to deeply lay insight on what special professional characteristics contributing to the 

climax of their professional practices. As a result, this empirical study plans to give particular insights of a holistic picture to readers 

on this problematic issue of medical professional’s mysterious behavior and level of satisfaction through providing sophisticated 

implications and enriched data analysis. This study is of great importance in the field of medical professional practices and it will 

inspire future research on this area of concentration.

Constructive Instruction on Promoting Independent and Individual Learner’s Cognitive Learning Achievement
----A Unique Perspective in English Teaching and Learning Process*
Feiqing Shao, Ph.D. 
Wuhan Science and Technology University, China

Modern technology has gradually changed the way of teaching and learning in the new century and new Social Networking Sites (SNS) 

such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, etc. has already entered our social and daily life without notice. The 

advanced modern facilities such as Internet, multimedia technology has made English teaching and learning constructive, 

collaborative ad individualized. This particular study concentrates on each individual learner’s progressive learning panorama and 

holistic description of an effective teaching and learning environment where a unique model of individual learner’s strategy has been 

initialized and discussed. Moreover, based on the research result, the author also proposed a few effective strategies to improve 

individual learning and group collaboration.

From the Perception of “Relative Time Zone System” (RTZS) to Objectively View the Constructive Velocity Constancy of RTZS Within the Scope of Cognitive Point of View*
Peter Deroey, Ph.D. 
The University of Salamanca, Spain

Based upon the classical theory of cognitive physics, the current research initiated the characteristics, the definition and the associated connotation of “relative time zone system: (RTZS) in a systematic and cognitive perspective. Then the  researcher employed the data and analysis to reconstruct and reinterpret the classical explanation of RTZS by setting up the opposite yet related connotation ofthe concept paradigm. Through scientific data representation, data calculation and careful comparison of current and ancient experimental result, the author concluded the preliminary assumption and reached a persuasive interpretation and conclusion, which is of great scientific value in demonstrating the process, the theoretical basis and the indication of RTZS from both practical and cognitive perspective.

 The Experimental Influences of Cultural and Historical Model on Foreign Language Acquisition ---A Pragmatic and Cognitive Perspective *

John Baker, Ph.D. 
University of Memphis, USA

In view of four aspects of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, the researcher set up 

experimental models to exam the practical effects of cultural and historical model on foreign language acquisition from a pragmatic and cognitive perspective. It is universally acknowledged that foreign learners usually meet tremendous difficulties in acquiring the four basic skills of English learning due to cultural, linguistic, and historical discrepancies. As a result, the pedagogical practices for testing the experimental influences of cultural and historical model on foreign language acquisition raised strong need and concern among the English teaching and learning practitioners. Previous research results showed that teaching practitioners in Asian countries tended to use deductive strategy rather than inductive strategy to teach foreign language and this specific research intended to add insights on how to combine the deductive and inductive strategy in teaching foreign language and what the impact of this combined way of practice with particular focus on the influence of cultural and historical model  upon foreign language writing.

 Scientific Research on Questions, Wonders and Implications on the Systematic Review of Managerial Accountability System (MAS) *
Alphonso Griffin  , Ph. D. & Lecturer
Seton Hall University, USA 

Ever since the control measures for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was taken into effect in this country, the Managerial Accountability System (MAS) was considered to reach the remarkable level in the history. In this research, the author simply introduced the more advanced practices of foreign administrative accountability, and then compared different countries’ practical ways of enforcing managerial accountability. In addition, the author also constructed research model of MAS to speculate on the weakness and strengths of each different practices of carrying out MAS to convince the reader of the research result. It is assumed that the lack of of legal MAS enforcement accountability, the disordered reality of accountability implementation are all current obstacles to reach standard foundation of MAS.

 Tentative Research on Synchronizing Reflective Effects of Natural Resources Model on Mechanical Realization and Satisfaction *
Josh Smith, Ph.D. & Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma, USA

In this article, the author will conduct initial and tentative research on synchronizing reflective effects of natural resources model on mechanical realization and satisfaction. Based on the research result on mechanical redesign from previous researchers of this specific field, a tentative research model was initiated and analyzed along the reflective discussion of positive and negative points of utilizing natural resources in realizing mechanical satisfaction. On one hand, there is a synchronizing reflection of the effects of natural resources model on mechanical realization. On the other hand, by using an recursive and repetitive method of reporting, the mechanical realization and satisfaction was measured figuratively and qualitatively within the scope of mechanical redefinition and reproduction. A physical model was built up to support the research hypothesis and the research result was coincidence with the preliminary expectation. The way of juxtaposing of both asynchronous and synchronous research design was excised with caution. Though there are a few flaws in designing the whole research process, the research result could provide insights to researchers to conduct further research in this field. 

 The Research on Cultivation of "Neo-Engineerism" Wihinin the Scope of Cultural Globalization *
Chris Rodriguez, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
Clement Murphy, Ph. D. & Lecturer 
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

Due to the rapid development of economy, the new era of engineering has come to state. On one hand, cultural globalization is gradually 

increasing the social need of professional engineers who have laid profound foundation in the field of technical engineering during the process of economic growth. On the other hand, due to the comparatively low realization of the important role of neo-engineering in social process, there seems to be a mismatch between the fast growth economy and the lack of experienced and sophisticated experts 

in the field of engineering. In this article, the author tries to redefine the concept of neo-engineering from the perspective of cultural globalization in the hope that he society should build up a completely new and solid belief in both cultural advancement and precise expertise in the field of engineering. The understanding of cultural globalization and cultivation of neo-engineerism will open the perspectives for authorities to reconsider the new opportunities and obstacles in re-building the model of 

new-engineerism within the scope of cultural globalization.  

 Experimental Research on the Enhanced Designing and Operating System of Applied Engineering Through Environmental Improvement and Protection *
Yeya Kang, Ph. D. & Lecturer
Jiangxi University of Engineering, China
Zhijian Sun, Ph. D.
Jiangxi University of Engineering, China

With the advancement environmental improvement and protection, the designing and operating system in the filed of applied engineering has reached the highest historical record and there is a practical need to conduct research on the enhanced designing and operating system of applied engineering under the framework of improved and protected environment. Besides, in the field of mechanic industry, more researchers focused on how to cure the disastrous consequences caused by negligence of mechanic maintenance and environmental protection. There is only a few literature focused on how to prevent the disastrous results and how to treat the accidents before it is fermenting and spreading. 

 Comprehensive Effects of LTT Conditional Treatment and Questionable Investigation on Pre-observed LPD Implementation *
David Lee, Ph.D. & Associate Professor
Rensselaer Polytechnic University, USA

The particular research was completed with intention of further investigating the effects of LTT conditional treatment and questionable aspects on pre-observed LPD implementation. The research was designed and conducted in LTT and LPD advanced equipment lab and the research results showed consistency with researcher’s preliminary hypothesis and assumption with P<.01, showing a statistically significant result. The reflection, analysis and conclusion of the research was also discussed in the last part of the article for future probe into this research field for researchers all over the world.

 Inspiring Activity-centered Teaching Approach in the Instruction of Teaching Task-oriented Foreign Language Learners in Remote Developing Countries *
Jeannie Capparell, Ph.D. & Professor of English
Stony Brook University, State University of New York, USA

Teaching listening, speaking, reading, writing is known to be essential in foreign language instruction as these four skills play focal role in foreign language learner’s professional development. Besides, improving these four skills will enable learners’ in a few developing countries to pass national entrance exam and thus receive higher education. As a result, many English as Foreign Language (EFL) instructors all over the world started to focus on how to find effective ways to improve foreign language learner’s four skills. In this research, the researcher investigated how to inspire activity-centered teaching approach in the instruction of teaching task-oriented foreign language learners in remote developing countries. Through learning by practices, the learners gradually achieved self-study, group-operation and linguistic competence. The research results showed that by focusing task-based teaching method, the learners made great progress and thus the instruction method could be replicated in teaching foreign language learners in high schools as well as colleges worldwide.

 The Constructive Cultivation of Exploring Innovative Equipment Design in Wild Field Environment *
Cooper Stynes. Ph. D. & Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Kreage Sapana, Ph. D. & Lecturer
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Recent years, people in the field of environmental protection have gained more social and environmental awareness and more of them have paid special attention to the urgent situation of wild life preservation in the wild field environment. On one hand, with the advance of technological development, experts in this specific field started to employ innovative equipment designed particularly for wild life protection. On the other hand, intellectuals in the filed of wild life protection began to realize the importance of constructive cultivation of innovative thinking for achieving the same goal of environmental protection. Though the environmental equipment for assessment has not been fully developed, people of this filed tried to use alternative measurement method to meet the requirements of environmental protection and evaluation as an expedient..

 Combination of Auto-control Model and Human-operated Machine to Achieve the Systematic 
Effects of Structural Synchronization *
Cohen Gurtofson, Ph.D. & Professor
The University of Georgia, USA
Leach Douglas, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
The University of Georgia, USA

As the process of analyzing human-operated machine is very efforts-causing and time-consuming and the result is not always satisfying compared with auto-control machine system, the researcher conducted painstaking experiment on finding a new innovative method to achieve the equivalent effects by combining of auto-control model and human-operated machine to obtain the systematic effects of structural synchronization. The research result is consistent and stable after a few trial experiments and machine monitoring. The combination results are coherent with the researcher’s theoretical predictions, analysis and conclusion and the research process could be replicated to similar field of industry for further discussion and contribution.

 Effects of the Aftermath of Social Networking Sites (SSN) On Global Relationships and Future Technological 
Orientation *
Brown Wellman, Ph.D. & Graduate Instructor
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Social Networking Sites (SSN) as a transparent platform for people of various nationalities to communicate and express their views has gradually become an indispensable element in our daily life of social capital building system. As a result, traditional face-t--face communication was deserted by youngsters and working class. It is believed that SSN exerted great effects on global relationship though after years of development and declining. This article aims at finding a way out for probing into future technological orientation by analyzing the positive and negative effects of the aftermath of social networking sites (SSN) on global communication, association and relationship. Finally, the researcher also raised thought-provoking questions for readers to reflect on and find methods to address.

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