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 Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2015

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 A Cognitive and Practical Training of ESL Learners in a US University--A Practicum Perspective
Kathy Myers

Abstract:  The intent of this unit is for students to understand basic structure, function of modal verbs and how to use different modal  to express prediction in future time. Through personal experience and class instruction, students will be able to construct their own 

knowledge of the basic structure of modal verbs (subject+modal+main verb+object) and how to use modal verbs to express prediction 

with different probability...

Applying Fuse in Single Phase AC Circuit to Monitor Disconnection Fault of Appliance
Sheng Gai

Abstract: Based on the principle of voltage monitoring, the researcher  achieve to monitor RT18-32 with a broken electrical wire state

main circuit with single-phase low voltage electrical components in series with a fuse. Specific approach is to determine whether there is a broken wire in the use of electrical appliances in line with the electrical phase switching devices (contactors) into and out of the fuse component between the terminals in parallel, through the observation of the fuse neon bulb emitting condition.


Different Cultural Preferences between American and Taiwanese Society--A Cross-cultural Perspective
ChengYu Kuo

Abstract: Beginning from the cultural difference in Western and Eastern society, this article explains the different cultural preferences between Taiwan and American society caused by different cultural values and cultural backgrounds.  It focuses on the cultural 

preferences between these two cultures in the field of communication, business administration, education and social life. The 

conclusion is that due to different cultural values, norms and conventions, people in the two cultures perceive, communicate and 

behave significantly differently. The conclusions are very important when they can be employed in the areas of cross -cultural 

communication, intercultural business and foreign language teaching and learning. 

Study on the Strengths of UFO Graphic Design and Improvement of Aircraft Graphic Design
Dawei Liu

Abstract: After Yankees designed and developed X-37B, their hearts filled with complacency and thought they went out the restriction fof space shuttle with freedom of going inside and outside of the cosmos for mastering upgrading technology of space shuttle. Most people thought what they created was the prototype of space aircraft. However, in fact the application of X-37B did not break out of traditional space shuttle era since it was not the space shuttle people expected in the near future and it must rely on traditional rocket-powered spacecraft to be sent into orbit. The advanced space shuttle in the true sense should rely on its own power to gain free access to space. As a result, the researcher concludes that aircraft X-37B still carries the geometric shape and design of traditional aircraft and it still traps into the flaws and weaknessnes of conventional aircraft within the scope of performance and design. Due to this reason, the backforwardness of X-37 B had to rely on rocket-power to be lauched into the space in vertical angle. 

Impact of Static and Animatic Visuals on Instruction
James (Jian) Cao

Abstract: Static graphics and animatic graphics both is a considerable tool for teaching or learning, which builds a rapid and concise 

path of perception in education. Cognition would be facilitated and improved in comprehension and memory by the graphics. Some 

good graphics, such as maps, can be used to portray things that are inherently visual; some distinct graphics, such as diagrams and 

graphs, can be used to portray things that are metaphorically spatio -visual (Morrison & Tversky, 2000). Although everyone has an 

opinion on the visuals, most of us lack skill in the visual design, especially in educational area, where is being much boring learning 

that we might have experienced or is being more seductive visuals that we might have lost goal of learning. Clark & Lyons (2004, p.103) discussed a visual such as exotic thematic treatments should not be used early when activating inappropriate prior knowledge in a lesson. As a result, improper visuals depress and hinder our learning or teaching. Therefore, there are contradicting opinions regarding 

the benefits and advantages of using graphics on instruction. In general, graphics including static and animatic types, some incline to utilize animation on the class, some favor static visuals on the design. For this reason, the topic to explore in this study is the 

utilization of static graphic and animatic graphic in education, which increase the interests of learns as long as it is effectively to insert into the instruction. 

Cognitive Perspective on EFL Listening Comprehension through Vocabulary Enhancement
Jessica Myers
David Robinson
Ping Guan 

Abstract:  There are many ways to improve EFL’s listening comprehension. Vocabulary could play an important role in determining 

students’ English achievements, especially for the aspect of listening comprehension. This academic research aims at investigating and analyzing how vocabulary will impact the final achievements of listening comprehension for a group of English Majors in a science 

course intensive Chinese University. The research has divided correspondents into three groups. These three groups were then provided with three different preparation times to learn new vocabulary that would be heard in a listening text. Altogether, the three instruments will be involved in the experimentation: a vocabulary test, a listening comprehension test, and a questionnaire. The English  majors’ performances of vocabulary and listening comprehension were tested and analysed statistically. The English -majors’ 

confidence levels of listening were investigated, too. The analyses show that significant differences between groups exist only in the 

vocabulary performances but not in the listening comprehension; allowing English -majors to prepare vocabulary with different time 

before a listening test could improve confidence level of listening; the group with 30 -min vocabulary preparation time and discussion 

before listening showed the higher levels of confidence of listening. The result is that the English -majors’ listening comprehension 

performance mainly relies on their level of listening comprehension and listening strategies rather than vocabulary preparation. The 

final result revealed that the strategies used in the above described experiment do help to improve English Major correspondent’s 

language acquisition, most obviously, in the improvement of listening comprehension ability. 

Reflective Interpretation on Ecological Socialism
James (Jian) Cao

Abstract: Ecological socialism was formed in the late 20th century in western world with the concept of Eco -communalism, which 

paralleled two political ecology genre. It not only reflects the contemporary Marxist and socialist theorist and theoretical response to 

the increasingly prominent ecological and environmental problems, but also constitutes a socialist perspective on the ecological 

problems of the Political Analysis.

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