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Services Provided:

a. We will provide ISBN for your book.
b. We will provide QR Code for your book. 
c. We will design the front cover and back cover for your book.
d. We will edit and format your book content and send you a PDF soft copy of your final completely-published book ready to print, but we don't print out for you. 
e. We will provide social networking sites promotion for your book such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
f. We provide the Journal of American Academic Research  in the USA as your publishing agency for your book. 
g. You will receive a free electronic certificate of book publishing.
h. You will also receive a free electronic certificate from the JAAR editorial review board member.
i. We will send you a free electronic certificate of JAAR  "Merit Award" to your current mailing address if you need. 


Services Not Provided:

We only provide PDF soft copy ready to print, but don't print out and we don't mail books to your mailing address. So you need to print out according to the PDF we finish for you and print out at your country's local printing center.

Option C -- JAAR Book Publishing

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