An Analysis of Legal Advertisements for Cannabis Products in Colorado 

Joanne Gula, Ph.D. & Assistant Professor

Colorado State University, USA


Jiaxi Shen, MFA & Assistant Professor

Colorado State University, USA



Cannabis was legalized in Colorado on November 6, 2012. It is illegal to advertise dispensaries that sell these products utilizing any electronic source or social media that sends a signal beyond Colorado’s borders. However, print advertisements are legal and are utilized by dispensaries in very competitive ways. This paper will examine the print advertisements for cannabis from three cities in Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo) that are published in local news magazines. These publications have been collected from July 2015 until January 2016. There are hundreds of advertisements available for analysis. Advertising appeals and incentives will be coded into categories that are used to sell these products. Sellers create many appeals and tactics to entice consumers (e.g.: coupons, apps, discounts, holiday specials, and rewards cards to name a few).  The advertisements will also be examined for size, color, visuals, headlines and other design and copy aspects created to attract the consumer’s attention and get them to purchase their cannabis products.



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