The Referential and Pragmatic Values in the Use of Euphemism in Doctors-Patients' Interaction in Jordanian Governmental Hospitals

Yousef Ahmad Saleem Aljabali, English Language Instructor

Ministry of Education, Jordan


This research aims at exploring  the referential and pragmatic values in the use of euphemism in doctors and patients' interaction in Jordanian governmental hospitals. It investigates the reasons beyond using euphemistic language in medical atmosphere.  It includes a corpus of 68 doctors (males and females)  from 5 Jordanian governmental hospitals in different places. The researcher used cluster sampling process to select the sample of the study. This study involves two research instruments: a tape-recorder and interview technique. The findings of this qualitative and quantitative study indicated that using euphemistic language affects patients positively and plays an important role in enhancing doctor-patient interaction, reducing stress and anxiety, and keeping the patient safe.



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