The Investigation of the Chinese English Majors' Intercultural Communication Competence and Countermeasures
--- A Case Study of Beijing Institute of Petro-Chemical Technology

Wang Qi    
Beijing Institute of Petro-Chemical Technology, China
He Yaqin, Associate Professor & Advisor
Beijing Institute of Petro-Chemical Technology, China


The Chinese College Students' intercultural communication competence has attracted more and more attention of the domestic scholars. Based on the definitions of the intercultural communication competence and the research methods of previous researchers, this paper conducted a survey of the intercultural communicative ability of English Majors in Beijing Institute of Petro-chemical Technology. The survey reveals that neither the teachers nor the students pay enough attention to intercultural communication competence. They focus on foreign culture but ignore their own traditional culture. This paper suggests the urgency of teaching reform and presents some strategies for improving the students' intercultural communication competence.



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