Crime Preventers a Tool for Social Cohesion in Community Policing of Uganda
Shadat Ssemakula Mutyab Mohmeded, Ph.D. & Associate Dean
Gulu University, Uganda


Crime preventers remains the most divisive subject matter particularly between the current government of Uganda and political opposition groups; mainly FDC, DP, CP, JPAM who referred to crime preventers as “militia force” for genocide.  At the heart of this matter is the issue of contested human rights abuses and recruitment procedures.  There is little research on the subject “Crime Preventers”   as a result many have misinterpreted it as an abuse of human rights.   However, the issue of crime preventers is also supported by criminologist theories as   a protection of human rights. The article shows that crime preventers is an historical colonial establishment in post colonial countries, and that current government is modernizing the historical concept to meet the demands of community. This article is designed to alert those engaged in crime prevention policy making, planning that traps and pitfalls exist for the hasty and unwary. It will, furthermore, suggest strategies that may be employed to avoid them.



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