Theory  of Cancer Therapy Using of Proton Magnetic Spin Resonance
Khalid Salman Ibraheim, Ph.D. & Professor of Physics


Every atom either small or large and in everywhere has exactly the same components, but they are different in their mathematical description. The element of single substance cannot be split by chemical means into any think simple; for example, carbon(C), nitrogen(N), sodium(Na). Elements are made up of many tiny identical particles .These identical particles are called atoms. An atom can be described as the smallest particle into which an element can be divided, while still retaining the properties of that element. Thus, the element carbon is composed entirely of Carbon atoms and so on. Atoms consist of smaller units known as sub­ atomic particles. There are three main types of sub-atomic particles, known as electrons, protons, and neutrons .

       The  physical  concepts  of  spin  and  parity  of  protons  have  been  used  to present the new theory of the cause and therapy procedure of cancer disease. If collapse happened in proton charges the spin, parity, and the angular momentum will not be conserved any more. Afterwards, the human cell will to growth as cancerous turn out to tumor within time.



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