Agricultural Extension in Syria and the New Trends in Global Economy
Ali Yousef, Ph.D. Scholar
Huazhong Agricultural University, China


We are living in a rapidly changing world and this has been achieved as a direct result of the globalized world economy. Globalization is a fact and needs structural changes in the approaches implemented through the national policies especially for the developing nations such as my country Syria. Globalization achieved a huge control over the process on any national development by means of advanced transportation infrastructure and well developed information and communication technologies (ICTs). ICTs are the pillar of globalization and the main tool to facilitate other adjustments required to boost the efficiency of national economies and those adjustments are represented by privatization and pluralism which both lead to decentralization and reform of the national economy as a whole.

The key factor to assure the success of this complicated and vital process is by investing heavily in the development of the national human resources or what is called the human capital.

Hence, this part is shedding the light on how the extension officers understand those trends and the fears or questionable views they have about it to better understand how we could design and implement promising programs to empower the rural communities.



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