Agricultural Communication Methods and Related Constraints in Syria
Ali Yousef, Ph.D. Scholar
Huazhong Agricultural University, China


Communication methods or teaching methods are the medium used to disseminate knowledge to rural community through extension body. Typically we have three kinds of communication methods mass, group and individual ones. With the revolution in internet applications supported by sufficient advances in information and communication technologies and infrastructure represented by websites and smart-phones applications and software the hybrid media became an essential part of our daily life in both urban and rural regions.

Hence, it is vital to conceive how the traditional methods are utilized by the extension staff to find proper ways to improve it within the available opportunities offered by internet and its wide range of services that overcome both geographic, linguistics and time barriers.

Thus, this part is focusing on the real field experience of extension officers in terms of level of usage and importance of the available and used methods side by side with constraints they face in daily tasks based on real experience.



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