The Effects of Social Media on Young Professionals’ Work Productivity: A Case on Ghana
Amponsah, C.T.,Ph.D. & Assistant Professor, U.A.E.
Bhavani, G.M., Ph.D. & Assistant Professor, U.A.E.


The study surveyed 488 young professionals to examine the relationships between social media and productivity in the workplace. Drawing on Users and Gratification theory, random samples were taken from the study group between the ages of 18-35 years. The results indicate that there is a positive relationship between productivity at the workplace and social media. However, the impact appears to be related to certain specific uses. Networking, finding information as well as knowledge sharing and exchanging appear to have a higher impact on the professional enhancement of the young professionals.  Also the results show that more females (64%) than male (36%) are influenced by social media sites in the professional discharge of their duties. In addition, respondents indicated that social media is a catalyst for the enhancement of their professional development. The study concludes that organizations should take advantage of the strengths in social media use and develop appropriate policies at workplace that will govern the use of social media sites to gain competitive advantage.



Journal of American Academic Research 

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