An Introduction to Arab-Islamic Thought in Spain
Ghassan Ismail Abdel Khaliq, Ph.D. & Associate professor
Philadelphia University, Jordan 


This article attempts to highlight the following four points:

- That the dearth of philosophic thinking before the Islamic conquest of Spain expedited the spread of Islam according to al-Awzā’ī’s thinking.

- That the practical aspects of the Mālikite doctrine were in harmony with the practicality of the Andalusians.

- That the predominance of the Mālikite doctrine, which was encouraged by the Omayyad princes and caliphs responded to the internal need for solidarity to stem the threat of the Christian kingdoms.

- That the princes and caliphs sacrificed Islamic Kalām and philosophy more than once in order to appease the common people, who were influenced by the Mālikite jurisprudents.



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